• TC-B TC-B Scope of Application

    • TC-B.1 TC-B.1 Scope

      • TC-B.1.1

        This Module applies to all CBB conventional bank licensees authorised in the Kingdom. It covers the training and competency requirements for staff occupying controlled functions (See Chapter TC-1).

        October 2013

      • TC-B.1.2

        Module TC, unless otherwise stated, applies in full to both retail and wholesale conventional bank licensees licensed in Bahrain. In the case of an overseas conventional bank licensee, the application of this Module is restricted to its Bahrain operations.

        October 2013

      • TC-B.1.3

        Persons authorised by the CBB as approved persons prior to the issuance of Module TC need not reapply for authorisation.

        October 2013

      • TC-B.1.4

        The requirements of this Module apply to approved persons holding controlled functions, including board members, in connection with the conventional bank licensee's regulated banking services, or under a contract of service.

        Amended: July 2014
        October 2013

      • TC-B.1.5

        In the case of outsourcing arrangements, the conventional bank licensee should refer to the competency requirements, outlined in Appendix TC-1 for controlled functions, for assessing the suitability of the outsourcing provider.

        October 2013

      • TC-B.1.6

        Conventional bank licensees must satisfy the CBB that individuals performing a controlled function for it or on its behalf are suitable and competent to carry on that controlled function.

        October 2013

      • TC-B.1.7

        In implementing this Module, conventional bank licensees must ensure that individuals recruited to perform controlled functions:

        (a) Hold suitable qualifications and experience appropriate to the nature of the business;
        (b) Remain competent for the work they do; and
        (c) Are appropriately supervised.
        October 2013