• Article 8 Article 8 Request of Assistance from Foreign States

    • 8.1

      Where a foreign State makes a request for specific information relating to suspicious transactions, persons and corporations involved in those transactions or the investigation or prosecution of a money laundering offence, the Enforcement Unit shall execute the request or inform the foreign State making the request of any reason for not executing the request forthwith or of any delay in the execution of the request.

    • 8.2

      The Enforcement Unit, in response to a request from a foreign State, may obtain from the Investigation Magistrate an order for the following:

      (a) a warrant to search any premises or persons for attachment of any document, material or thing;
      (b) any document or object relevant to identifying, locating or quantifying any property or identifying or locating any document necessary for the transfer of any property in either case belonging to, in the possession of or under the control of any person the subject of the request be delivered to the Enforcement Unit in addition to information relating to any transaction conducted by or for such person during such period as the Investigation Magistrate directs;
      (c) attachment of any property of or in the possession of any person named in the request for the period specified in the order, and the management or disposal of that property for the purpose of determining any dispute as to the ownership of or other interest in the property or any part thereof, and payment of any costs.

    • 8.3

      The Enforcement Unit may, upon request from a foreign State accompanied by an order issued by a court of the requesting State directed to any person within the jurisdiction of Bahrain to deliver himself or any document or material in his possession or under his control to the foreign State, for the purposes of conducting investigations in that State, obtain a Court order directed to that person in the same terms as in the order accompanying the request.

    • 8.4

      The Investigation Magistrate shall take the evidence of the person referred to in the foregoing paragraph of this Article, and the Enforcement Unit shall transmit the record of such evidence to the foreign State.

    • 8.5

      The Enforcement Unit may, in respect of any proceedings for a money laundering offence, obtain an order from the Investigation Magistrate to any person resident in a foreign State to deliver himself or any document or thing in his possession or control, to the Investigation Magistrate or, subject to the approval of the foreign State, to the competent court in that State.

    • 8.6

      The Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs may order that the whole or any part of any property confiscated under the provisions of this Law, be given to or shared with a foreign State.