• AU-4.5 AU-4.5 Publication of the Decision to Grant, Cancel or Amend a License

    • AU-4.5.1

      In accordance with Articles 47 and 49 of the CBB Law, the CBB will publish its decision to grant, cancel or amend a license in the Official Gazette and in two local newspapers, one in Arabic and the other in English.

      Amended: October 2019
      Added: July 2017

    • AU-4.5.2

      For the purposes of Paragraph AU-4.5.1, the cost of publication must be borne by the Licensee.

      Added: July 2017

    • AU-4.5.3

      The CBB may also publish its decision on such cancellation or amendment using any other means it considers appropriate, including electronic means.

      Added: July 2017