• BR-3.4 BR-3.4 Methods of Information Gathering

    • BR-3.4.1

      The CBB uses various methods of information gathering on its own initiative which require the cooperation of licensees:

      (a) Representatives of the CBB may make onsite visits at the premises of the licensee. These visits may be made on a regular basis, on a sample basis, for special purposes such as theme visits (looking at a particular issue across a range of licensees), or when the CBB has a particular reason for visiting a licensee;
      (b) Appointees of the CBB may also make onsite visits at the premises of the licensee. Appointees of the CBB may include persons who are not CBB staff, but who have been appointed to undertake particular monitoring activities for the CBB, such as in the case of Appointed Experts (refer to Chapter EN-2);
      (c) The CBB may request the licensee to attend meetings at the CBB's premises or elsewhere;
      (d) The CBB may seek information or request documents by telephone, at meetings or in writing, including electronic communication; and
      (e) The CBB may require licensees to submit various documents or notifications, as per Chapter BR-2, in the ordinary course of their business such as financial reports or on the happening of a particular event in relation to the licensee such as a change in control.
      January 2014

    • BR-3.4.2

      When seeking meetings with a licensee or access to the licensee's premises, the CBB or the CBB appointee needs to have access to a licensee's documents and personnel. Such requests will be made during reasonable business hours and with proper notice. There may be instances where the CBB may seek access to the licensee's premises without prior notice. While such visits are not customary, the prospect of unannounced visits is intended to encourage licensees to comply at all times with the requirements and standards imposed by the CBB as per legislation and Volume 5 of the CBB Rulebook.

      January 2014

    • BR-3.4.3

      The CBB considers that a licensee should:

      (a) Make itself readily available for meetings with representatives or appointees of the CBB;
      (b) Give representatives or appointees of the CBB reasonable access to any records, files, tapes or computer systems, which are within the licensee's possession or control, and provide any facilities which the representatives or appointees may reasonably request;
      (c) Produce to representatives or appointees of the CBB specified documents, files, tapes, computer data or other material in the licensee's possession or control as reasonably requested;
      (d) Print information in the licensee's possession or control which is held on computer or otherwise convert it into a readily legible document or any other record which the CBB may reasonably request;
      (e) Permit representatives or appointees of the CBB to copy documents of other material on the premises of the licensee at the licensee's expense and to remove copies and hold them elsewhere, or provide any copies, as reasonably requested; and
      (f) Answer truthfully, fully and promptly all questions which representatives or appointees of the CBB reasonably put to it.
      January 2014

    • BR-3.4.4

      The CBB considers that a licensee should take reasonable steps to ensure that the following persons act in the manner set out in Paragraph BR-3.4.3:

      (a) Its employees; and
      (b) Any other members of its group, and their employees.
      January 2014

    • BR-3.4.5

      In gathering information to fulfill its supervisory duties, the CBB acts in a professional manner and with due regard to maintaining confidential information obtained during the course of its information gathering activities.

      January 2014