• AU-5.2 AU-5.2 Annual License Fees

    • AU-5.2.1

      Licensees must pay the relevant annual license fee to the CBB on 1st of December of the preceding year for which the fee is due.

      Amended: April 2014
      January 2014

    • AU-5.2.2

      Licensees must pay an annual license fee of BD1,000.

      January 2014

    • AU-5.2.3

      All annual fees are collected by direct debit and all licensees must ensure that they submit to the CBB the completed Direct Debit Authorisation Form (available under Part B of Volume 5) by 15th October prior to the year for which the fees are due.

      January 2014

    • AU-5.2.4

      For new licensees, their first annual license fee of BD1,000 is payable when their license is issued by the CBB.

      January 2014

    • AU-5.2.5

      Where a license is cancelled (whether at the initiative of the firm or the CBB), no refund is paid for any months remaining in the calendar year in question, should a fee have been paid for that year.

      January 2014