• OM-4.7 OM-4.7 Other Policies Standards, and Processes

    • Employee Awareness and Training Plan

      • OM-4.7.1

        Licensees must implement an awareness plan and business continuity training for employees to ensure that all employees are continually aware of their responsibilities and know how to remain in contact and what to do in the event of a crisis.

        January 2014

      • OM-4.7.2

        Key employees should be involved in the business continuity development process, as well as periodic training exercises. Cross training should be utilised to anticipate restoring operations in the absence of key employees. Employee training should be regularly scheduled and updated to address changes to the BCP.

        January 2014

    • Public Relations & Communication Planning

      • OM-4.7.3

        Licensees must develop an awareness program and formulate a formal strategy for communication with key external parties (e.g. CBB and other regulators, investors, customers, business partners, service providers, the media and other stakeholders) and provide for the type of information to be communicated. The strategy needs to set out all the parties the licensee must communicate to in the event of a disaster. This will ensure that consistent and up-to-date messages are conveyed to the relevant parties. During a disaster, ongoing and clear communication is likely to assist in maintaining the confidence of customers as well as the public in general.

        January 2014

      • OM-4.7.4

        The BCP must clearly indicate who may speak to the media and other key external parties, and have pre-arrangements for redirecting external communications to designated staff during a disaster. Important contact numbers and e-mail addresses of key external parties must be kept in a readily accessible manner (e.g. in wallet cards or licensees' intranet).

        January 2014

      • OM-4.7.5

        Licensees may find it helpful to prepare draft press releases as part of their BCP. This will save the CMT time in determining the main messages to convey in a chaotic situation. Important conversations with external parties should be properly logged for future reference.

        January 2014

      • OM-4.7.6

        As regards internal communication, the BCP should set out how the status of recovery can be promptly and consistently communicated to all staff, head office, branches and subsidiaries (where appropriate). This may entail the use of various communication channels (e.g. broadcasting of messages to mobile phones of staff, licensees websites, e-mails, intranet and instant messaging).

        January 2014

    • Disclosure Requirements

      • OM-4.7.7

        Licensees must disclose how their BCP addresses the possibility of a future significant business disruption and how the licensee will respond to events of varying scope. Licensees must also state whether they plan to continue business during disruptions and the planned recovery time. The licensees might make these disclosures on their website, or through mailing to key external parties upon request. In all cases, BCP disclosures must be reviewed and updated to address changes to the BCP.

        January 2014