• Qualifying Liabilities

    • LM-1.2.7

      For purposes of Paragraph LM-1.2.3, qualifying liabilities are defined as:

      (a) Liabilities due within one month; and
      (b) Irrevocable commitments to provide funds within one month.
      January 2014

    • LM-1.2.8

      For purposes of Subparagraph LM-1.2.7 (b), irrevocable commitments include facilities:

      (a) With a known date of drawdown within one month; and
      (b) Without a known date of drawdown but carrying a notice period of within one month (including where the drawdown is on demand, i.e. requiring no notice period) except where conditions attached to the drawdown cannot be met in practice within one month.
      January 2014

    • LM-1.2.9

      Potential commitments relating to credit card facilities, which may be cancelled at any time are excluded from qualifying liabilities.

      January 2014