• AU-2.5 AU-2.5 Condition 5: Financial Resources

    • Capital Funds

      • AU-2.5.1

        Licensees must maintain a level of financial resources, as agreed with the CBB, adequate for the level of business proposed.

        January 2013

      • AU-2.5.2

        In accordance with Module CA (Capital Adequacy) licensees must maintain a minimum level of paid-up capital of BD 5,000,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currency, where legally permitted and agreed with the CBB). A greater amount of capital may be required by the CBB on a case-by-case basis. Licensees must also maintain a minimum gearing ratio of 20%.

        January 2013

    • Liquidity

      • AU-2.5.3

        Licensees must maintain sufficient liquid assets to meet their obligations as they fall due in the normal course of their business, as required under Module LM. Licensees must agree a liquidity management policy with the CBB.

        January 2013