• BR-3.1 BR-3.1 Power to Request Information

    • BR-3.1.1

      Licensees must provide all information that the CBB may reasonably request in order to discharge its regulatory obligations.

      October 2010

    • BR-3.1.1A

      Licensees must provide all relevant information and assistance to the CBB inspectors and appointed experts on demand as required by Articles 111 and 114 of the CBB Law. Failure by licensees to cooperate fully with the CBB's inspectors or appointed experts, or to respond to their examination reports within the time limits specified, will be treated as demonstrating a material lack of cooperation with the CBB which will result in other enforcement measures being considered, as described elsewhere in Module EN. This rule is supported by Article 114(a) of the CBB Law.

      Added: April 2012

    • BR-3.1.1B

      Article 163 of the CBB Law provides for criminal sanctions where false or misleading statements are made to the CBB or any person/appointed expert appointed by the CBB to conduct an inspection or investigation on the business of the licensee or the listed licensee.

      Added: April 2012

    • Information Requested on Behalf of other Supervisors

      • BR-3.1.2

        The CBB may ask a licensee to provide it with information at the request of or on behalf of other supervisors to enable them to discharge their functions properly. Those supervisors may include overseas supervisors or government agencies in Bahrain. The CBB may also, without notifying a licensee, pass on to those supervisors or agencies information that it al has in its possession.

        October 2010