• Controllers

    • BR-2.2.19

      If, as a result of circumstances outside the licensee's knowledge and/or control, one of the changes to their controllers specified in Paragraph GR-5.1.1 is triggered prior to CBB approval being sought or obtained, the licensee must notify the CBB as soon as it becomes aware of the fact and no later than 15 calendar days after the change occurs (ref. GR-5.1.4).

      October 2010

    • BR-2.2.20

      As specified in Article 52 of the CBB Law, a licensee must notify the CBB of the following events:

      (a) If effective control over a licensee takes place indirectly whether by way of inheritance or otherwise;
      (b) Gaining control directly as a result of any action leading to it; or
      (c)The intention to take any of the actions that would lead to control.
      October 2010