• BC-2.3 BC-2.3 Complaints

    • BC-2.3.1

      Licensees must disclose, maintain and operate effective procedures for handling complaints in a reasonable and timely manner. These procedures include:

      (a) Informing customers in writing of any out of court complaint and redress mechanism and methods for having access to it;
      (b) Paying compensation or other forms of redress to customers where the licensee decides this is appropriate; and
      (c) Regularly verifying if complaints are effectively processed.
      October 2010

    • BC-2.3.2

      Upon receiving complaints from customers (either orally or in writing), licensees must:

      (a) Acknowledge complaints promptly, within 5 business days, and provide customers with an explanation about how the complaint will be handled and any actions required of the customer;
      (b) Consider and handle complaints fairly and promptly, keeping customers informed of progress; and
      (c) Provide final responses to customers' complaints without undue delay and within 20 business days.
      October 2010

    • BC-2.3.3

      In their final responses to customers' complaints, licensees must:

      (a) Accept (or partially accept) the complaint and where appropriate offer compensation or other forms of redress; or
      (b) Reject (or partially reject) the complaint, informing customers with a full explanation of the licensee's position.
      October 2010

    • Records

      • BC-2.3.4

        Licensees must maintain adequate records of all complaints received, and how they were dealt with, to a level of detail sufficient to demonstrate compliance with this Section and in accordance with the Rules under Section GR-1.

        October 2010

      • BC-2.3.5

        In recording complaints activity, licensees should consider the types of data and reports that will enable them to demonstrate compliance with the above Rules for handling complaints, together with the overarching principles requiring fair dealings with customers.

        October 2010