• EN-B.4 EN-B.4 Publicity

    • EN-B.4.1

      The CBB will not as a matter of general policy publicise individual cases when it uses the measures described in Chapters EN-2 to EN-5, and EN-8. However, in such cases the CBB may inform (where relevant) an authorised person's external auditor and – in the case of licensees with overseas operations – relevant overseas regulators.

      October 2010

    • EN-B.4.2

      In exceptional circumstances, as allowed by Article 132 of the CBB Law, the CBB may decide to publicise individual cases when the measures set out in Chapters EN-2 to EN-5 and EN-8 are used, where there is a strong case that doing so would help achieve the CBB's supervisory objectives. In such instances, the CBB will usually allow the licensee or person concerned the opportunity to make representations to the CBB before a public statement is issued.

      October 2010

    • EN-B.4.3

      Without prejudice to the above policy, the CBB may from time to time publish aggregate information on its use of enforcement measures, without identifying the licensees or persons concerned, unless their identities have previously been disclosed as provided for in Paragraphs EN-B.4.1 or EN-B.4.2.

      October 2010

    • EN-B.4.4

      By their nature, the penalties in Chapters EN-6, EN-7 and EN-9 are public acts, once applied. The CBB will in these instances generally issue a public statement explaining the circumstances of the case.

      October 2010

    • EN-B.4.5

      If a financial penalty is imposed on a specialised licensee under the provision of Chapter EN-5, and it is subject to the requirements of Module PD (Public Disclosure) or Module BR (CBB Reporting Requirements), then the specialised licensee must disclose in the manner prescribed by Module PD or BR the amount of any financial penalties imposed by the CBB, together with a factual description of the reasons given by the CCB for the penalty.

      Amended: October 2019
      Amended: July 2016
      Amended: October 2012
      October 2010

    • EN-B.4.6

      Specialised licensees subject to a CBB enforcement measure (with the exception of formal requests for information) must inform their external auditor of the fact.

      October 2010